It looks like JAPH scripts are often misinterpreted for obfuscation stuff, when often they are not.

Actually, I have downvoted several JAPH nodes for not being "obfuscated enough" for me... Since I seldomly gave advice on how to make those better (in my view), this led to bad feelings/votes.

After a discussion in CB with kel and others, we found that maybe the problem is elsewhere: JAPH and obfuscation are actually different. Check this summary:


  • prints "Just Another Perl Hacker"
  • discovery of features
  • less used features used in unusual ways
  • does something useful/funnny/powerful
  • hard to understand/read programs
  • an artistic approach to the code
  • should confuse B::Deparse

It looks like there is a need for a second section, dedicated to JAPH writers. When they get used to those twisted ways of using our beloved Perl, they can switch to Obfuscation...