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Re^4: Want a million dollars?

by ptum (Priest)
on Oct 04, 2006 at 17:07 UTC ( #576368=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Want a million dollars?
in thread Want a million dollars?

I agree with the substance of your arguments, but I think you have definitely erred on the side of unkind cynicism. It is likely that kwaping started out with a decent amount of enthusiasm and you have certainly made it more difficult for him to build a team from the ranks of PerlMonks ... I'm not sure what else you have accomplished with your words, apart from a few not-so-subtle put-downs. Striking a blow against groupthink in general seems a rather quixotic goal for which to strive.

As one who is of similar rank and presence to kwaping, I will certainly concede that such rank and presence means little, except that such a person has posted something that other folks approved, averaging around 10 XP per post. This reveals that they (a) are reasonably committed to doing something over the long haul, and (b) have enough time on their hands that they don't require compensation for everything they do. Those seem like some of the qualifications one would seek in recruiting team members for a project like this. Granted, neither of us come near your lofty status or prolific talent, but, as you've pointed out, you're not motivated to try for this prize, so you're not available. :)

I have few illusions left about the people on this site as a group. I agree with your assessment that membership on PerlMonks doesn't make you automatically a great person, having recently been savaged by a spate of vindictive down-voting by a collection of folks who I apparently offended. By and large I'm impressed by a few individuals, but not particularly enamored with the community as a whole, especially when it seems to be prone to knee-jerk communal disapproval of anything that ends up in Worst Nodes. But that doesn't mean that kwaping can't find a small group of like-minded folk who want to take a shot at the prize he mentions. What's it to you? Why the desire to rain on his parade?

A simple "Hey, that's not my cup of tea." would have sufficed, I think.

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Re^5: Want a million dollars?
by tilly (Archbishop) on Oct 04, 2006 at 19:39 UTC
    I've stated elsewhere that my goal was to cause people to think a bit about how group dynamics work before they either join or attempt to start a group. I further pointed to a very good book, The Logic of Collective Action, which has a lot of very useful things to say about why real group behaviour falls short of the ideals we would like it to reach. If I got someone interested in reading that book, that's worthwhile to me.

    About rank and presence, it doesn't even mean as much as you think it does. With the various voting changes I do not know what the exact rate is. But I know that if you show up every day and vote religiously, you will get onto Saints in our Book in just a few years without having to post anything!

    Oh, and about making it more difficult for him to succeed. Since I already judged his odds to be close to non-existent, my posts have made at most a minor incremental difference.

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