in reply to If I was forced to program in another language, the Perl language feature I would miss most would be:

I most miss the ability to use ad-hoc lists. Although in C++ you can implement things like the >> and << that are used for streaming, it would be a lot of work and still not give you some simple tools like the ability to write just for my $p ( _min() .. _max(), 0, -1 ).

I miss trailing comma a tiny bit. I'd miss it even less if our company coding standard allowed me to use leading commas:

foo= bar( first , second , third );

I don't miss most of the items listed. I find that it works best to program in the language you are using rather than try to force the language into the mold of your preferred programming style. So when programming in C++, for example, I design solutions that fit C++ and only rarely wish for features of other languages.

- tye