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Re: Accessing data between two tags

by prasadbabu (Prior)
on Nov 09, 2006 at 11:21 UTC ( #583084=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Accessing data between two tags

Hi ant,

Are you looking something like this?

my (@value) = $line =~ m|<CS_REFCLT>(\d+)</CS_REFCLT>|g; or my (@value) = $line =~ m|<CS_REFCLT>((?:(?!</CS_REFCLT>).)*)</CS_REFCL +T>|g;

Also take a look at perlre.


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Re^2: Accessing data between two tags
by johngg (Canon) on Nov 09, 2006 at 11:53 UTC
    ITYM my ($value) = $line =~ m|<CS_REFCLT>(\d+)</CS_REFCLT>|g; as you are trying to pull out a scalar not an array.




      I am getting array as output. As per your solution, we can get only one value even if you use 'g' modifier.

      use strict; use warnings; my $line = 'some text <CS_REFCLT>12121</CS_REFCLT> then some text <CS_ +REFCLT>4654</CS_REFCLT> here'; my (@value) = $line =~ m|<CS_REFCLT>(\d+)</CS_REFCLT>|g; my ($value) = $line =~ m|<CS_REFCLT>(\d+)</CS_REFCLT>|g; $" ="\t"; print "Array: @value\n"; print "Scalar: $value\n"; prints: ------- Array: 12121 4654 Scalar: 12121


        Reading the OP, I'm pretty sure pulling out a scalar is what ant wants to do. It firstly says that the file is large, about a gigabyte, so you are most likely to process the file a line at a time rather than slurp it into memory. It goes on to say

        each line has <CS_REFCLT>12526489</CS_REFCLT> in it some where

        which I take to mean just one occurance of the string per line, not multiples. Note also that ant says "I can't use substr to get at it." That strongly reinforces my interpretation.

        Of course, my interpretation could be totally wrong :)



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