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|   In Mr. London's case, you should probably think of it as a proof of concept for you, 
| rather than be so offended. I did also indicate that you could ammend the POD in the future. 
| You are conflating two separate issues, "no credit" and "reinventing the wheel."
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I personally, see CPAN very similar with how the scientific comunity behaves with new published investigations. You shouldn't feel so naive in the future. You are the one that 'loves' your creation. You can make it improve if you want...

I heard the story of the creator of the silicon transistor at Science Friday a month or two ago. Even though he was recognized as the real inventor, the world remembers other two scientists.

He was, though, very paranoid and I guess that with a reason. A reporter has recently interviewed all the people that knew him, and noone accepted him as the real creator. Nobody liked him. To such a level as to psychollogically deny his invention. He was a real genius. But not even I that now know the real facts can remember him (not joking!). I heard that it was scientifically explained as an effect that is completelly the oposite to what charisma is. At the moment that he came into a room everybody started hating him for no reason :) .

But what that proved to me is to what an extension does love come to be what matters. If you developed the complete idea, it is very difficult for someone else to improve it unless he is a real empathic person. And in that case, he wouldn't do that... There is a paralell thinking involved in all the creation that nobody is able to understand. What is always possible is to grab your created object and use it for something different. But you are the father of your creation. And you are the only one 'author ized' to possibly improve it... CPAN is not bad.