The stats pages now support the Virtual Distributed Library. I'll fix the node scanner in the next day to scan for the tags mentioned in (jcwren) Re: Virtual Distributed Library. The books you see in there right now are not really part of the library! (although I do have 2 that I'm willing to send to someone who will be a librarian. I'm a horrible horrible person about getting to a post office to mail stuff).

If you have books you want to offer, send me a /msg, and I'll manually insert them into the database, for the moment. In either case, offerers and wanters should go ahead and put the appropriate tags in their homenodes, but they won't show up until I make the node scanner changes.

As usualy, any complaints should be sent to /dev/n... I mean,, and I'll attempt to address them.

Next stats pages feature coming up: Ability to request an immediate tag scan of your homenode, and get feedback about any erroneously formatted tags.


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