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What is a Windows NT/200x/XP service? On Windows NT/200x/XP, a service is a special kind of executable progr +am that runs in the background. Services are used for programs that a +re constantly working, such as network protocols or database servers. + Most WWW servers on Windows NT/200x/XP are implemented as services. A service is different from other programs in several ways: Services aren't run interactively, although the NET START and NET STOP + commands can be used to start or stop a server. The Services control + panel is used to start, stop, or pause a service. Services don't act with the authority of the logged-in user. That mean +s that services can't see user environment variables or read files th +at are readable only by the logged-in user. You can set the account t +hat a service uses in the Services control panel. Services run even when no one is logged in to the machine. The most important thing to remember is that you have to take special +steps to make resources available to services. In general, you need t +o make files available to the Everyone group, and you have to have en +vironment variables (like PATH) be system environment variables. How do I run a Perl script as a Windows NT Service? You can run your Perl scripts as Windows NT Services via a program cal +led srvany.exe, which comes with the Windows NT Resource Kit. Once sr +vany.exe is installed, read the srvany.wri file which should be with +it. This document will explain how to set up registry entries for you +r new service. After you are set up, to run your script as a service do: x:>srvany perl How do I run a Perl script as a Windows 200x/XP Service? You can run your Perl scripts as Windows 200x/XP Services by accessing + the Microsoft Management Console. The Windows 200x/XP help files con +tain plenty of information on how to start the MMC and how you can us +e it for Perl scripts.

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