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Can you send me the correct link(s) and I'll amend the post.

If you do that, it will be out of date soon enough again. Instead, link to MinGW.exe download from SourceForge, which always shows the "current".

Which module?

If it mattered, I would have included it. The point is to prepare people for this event regardless of which module they're installing when it happens.

What exactly is it in Perl\lib that's "newer" ?

Perl\lib\ActivePerl is newer than Perl\site\lib\ActivePerl.

Perl\site\lib\ActivePerl doesn't exist on build 819

Ah, that may be true. It's probably left over from when I upgraded from an earlier build. At any rate, if I had this problem, others may as well.

Do you have any further info on these aspects?

Sorry, no. I figured it may not be a usual thing, which is why I said "if you receive it".

Perhaps that's what I should have said in my post - instead of referring to the dmake distro's Readme.txt?


Thanks for taking the time to raise all of this, btw.

My pleasure. Thanks for writing the tutorial in the first place! You saved me (and many others, I'm sure) countless hours of tedious rediscovery.

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