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Re^4: How to get activestate running

by Anonymous Monk
on May 25, 2007 at 10:21 UTC ( #617458=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: How to get activestate running
in thread How to get activestate running

after you extract zip, you run .bat file to install

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Re^5: How to get activestate running
by pikablu (Initiate) on May 25, 2007 at 16:48 UTC
    okay, thank you, but where exactly can I find the .bat file. I looked but I don't think I have seen anything with a .bat extension. Now, that question will only apply if this one is a no. Is this what the interpreter should look like.
      If you've downloaded the '.zip' version of build 820, unpack it to any location. If you unpack it to (for example) C:\somewhere, then you'll find the installer.bat in the C:\somewhwere\ActivePerl- folder. Then it's just a matter of doing a 'cd' to C:\somewhere\ActivePerl- and entering installer.bat. If it prompts you to install perl to a location that contains a space (eg C:\Program Files) don't let it do that. Instead opt for a location that doesn't have any spaces - eg C:\Perl. Otherwise, accept the defaults.

      Then run perl -v to check that all is well. All being well, you can then remove the C:\somewhere\ActivePerl- folder as it's no longer needed.

      If you have downloaded the '.msi' version, then it's just a matter of double clicking on it to proceed with the installation. (Again it's best not to accept any default that wants to install perl to a location that contains spaces.)


      Update: Added reference to msi version
        Is the box supposed to come up and disappear, because I got rid of the -v part and it didn't just disappear. Then, is that thing the interpretter, what came up.

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