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Re^13: WWW-Search module that works

by quester (Vicar)
on Jun 17, 2007 at 06:02 UTC ( [id://621663]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^12: WWW-Search module that works
in thread WWW-Search module that works

When you say "x my $oResult" it means to create a NEW variable, local to just that one debugging command, and display its value, which is of course undefined. If you just say "x $oResult" it will display the correct value.
Incidentally, I just ran your program under perl 5.8.8 on a Linux box, installing WWW::Search::AltaVista (and Yahoo as well) from CPAN. It works fine for me. You might have run into a Windows (or ActivePerl) compatibility issue. Sometimes it helps to use the version of Perl that runs under Cygwin .

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