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Re: Re: Yet Another Perl Aptitude Test (yapat)

by zeno (Friar)
on Mar 07, 2001 at 18:31 UTC ( #62753=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Yet Another Perl Aptitude Test (yapat)
in thread Yet Another Perl Aptitude Test (yapat)

Dear Erasmus,
That's a really good idea-- I was thinking about doing something like this to make a kind of "beginner's level", then allowing the advanced level of typing in the answer.

Ultimately, I'll wrap this up in CGI, put it on a web page, allow recording of high scores, etc etc.

Good suggestion! I'll try and put this together pretty soon.

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Re: Re: Re: Yet Another Perl Aptitude Test (yapat)
by EvanK (Chaplain) on Mar 09, 2001 at 23:51 UTC
    >>Dear Erasmus,<<

    Heh...who's Erasmus? I'm Evan! :-] (I know, my signature.)

    When I get a little money, I buy books. If I have any left over, I buy food and clothes.

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