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Re: scope and undef

by Ryszard (Priest)
on Aug 29, 2007 at 08:58 UTC ( #635739=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to scope and undef

Thanks to everyone who has replied. After a nights rest and fresh eyes, i've found what is causing the problem.

a difference in the DBhandler module i'm using to the one posted here is the ability for it to use multiple dbd's. i've added support for both oracle and mysql.

the $self reference that holds the actual db reference becomes $self->{_db_handle}{$arg{engine}}{$arg{handle}}.

when i've gone about disconnecting the database connection in the destructor i've ommited the engine variable.

if i perform an explicit disconnect in the DESTROY method, correctly the database connection is dropped when the object goes out of scope (ie with a delete or an undef. the reverse is also true, if you dont perform an explicit disconnect when the object goes out of scope, the database connection remains, which i think could be considered a bug in the DBI/DBD/perl/whatever.

to those who have spent their valuable time on this, i apologise, i've lead you down the garden path, making reference to code that is different to what i've been actually using. lesson learnt.

to those who would like to have a crack at reproducing the bug, this is what i used below.

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w use Daemon; my $app = Daemon->new(); while (1) { $app->do_something(); print scalar(localtime)." Sleeping 5 seconds...\n"; sleep 5; } -------8<-------------------------------- package Daemon; use Data::Dumper; use Handle; { sub _createConnection { my $self = shift; my %args = @_; my $retval; $self->{dbo} = Handle->new( handle => 'handle', user => 'jwi +lliams', pwd => 'type895', sid => 'ossp1',) if (! $self->{dbo} ); } } sub new { my ($caller, %arg) = @_; my $caller_is_obj = ref($caller); my $class = $caller_is_obj || $caller; my $self = bless {}, $class; return $self; } sub do_something { my $self = shift; my %args = @_; $self->_createConnection(); undef $self->{dbo}; return 'status message'; } 1 -------8<-------------------------------- package Handle; use Data::Dumper; $VERSION = 1.00; use strict; use DBI; use Carp; use Hook::LexWrap; { sub _get_db_handle { my ($self, %args) = @_; croak "Must supply username" unless ($args{user}); croak "Must supply password" unless ($args{pwd}); croak "Must supply SID" unless ($args{sid}); my $dsn = "DBI:Oracle:".$args{sid}; #set the datase +t name my %attr = ( RaiseError => 1, PrintError => 0, AutoCommit => 1 + || $self->{_AutoCommit} ); #set error raising and printing # lets go get the handle my $handle = DBI->connect($dsn,$args{user},$args{pwd}, \%attr) +; $handle->{InactiveDestroy} = 1; croak "Unable to connect to ".$args{sid} unless ($handle); return $handle; } } sub new { my ($caller, %arg) = @_; my $caller_is_obj = ref($caller); my $class = $caller_is_obj || $caller; my $self = bless {}, $class; $arg{engine} = 'oracle' if (!defined $arg{engine} ); $self->{_db_handle}{$arg{engine}}{$arg{handle}} = $self->_get_db_h +andle(%arg); wrap 'DESTROY', pre => \&predestroy, post=> \&postdestroy; return $self; } sub predestroy { print STDERR "predestroy: ".Dumper(@_); } sub postdestroy { print STDERR "postdestroy: ".Dumper(@_); } sub DESTROY { my $self = shift; foreach my $handle ( keys %{$self->{_db_handle}{'oracle'}} ) { # non bug condition, the object is correctly referenced #$self->{_db_handle}{'oracle'}{$handle}->disconnect; # bug condition, the object is incorrectly referenced $self->{_db_handle}{$handle}->disconnect; } } 1 -------8<-------------------------------- SQL> l 1 select username, to_char(logon_time, 'dd-mon-yyyy hh24:mi:ss') as + logon from v$session 2* where username = '<username>' SQL>

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Re^2: scope and undef
by girarde (Hermit) on Aug 29, 2007 at 10:41 UTC
    Quelle moment d'Úscalier. I almost recommended undefing the whole $self object between runs, which would have solved your problem while also obscuring the root cause.

    Just as well I didn't.

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