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you need to set up the parameters for the template.
The array reference is a list of hashes, so if you were to type this out logicaly it would look something like this

$arrayref->[0]->{day}=Monday $arrayref->[0]->{type}=snow $arrayref->[1]->{day}=Tuesday $arrayref->[1]->{day}=rain $arrayref->[2]->{day}=Wednesday ... etc
Be sure to look at HTML::Template for some good examples and documentation.

As well take a look at perldsc for a tutorial on how to make arrays of hashes.

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Re^2: HTML::Template create table
by GertMT (Hermit) on Nov 18, 2007 at 21:14 UTC
    thanks for the very clear explanation! Together with the link to perldoc I'll be able to create that from the csv-file. Need to do some thinking again about how to start from my database processing but I'll take the challenge.