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Re: Impressions and Suggestions

by orbital (Scribe)
on Mar 20, 2001 at 10:36 UTC ( #65639=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Impressions and Suggestions

Thank you footpad for you welcomed feedback, I can't agree with you more, does have a lot to offer to our community.

My point however was coming from my brief time here, you deep personal response reaffirms why I come to this site on a daily basis:

  • To learn techniques and styles I didn't know existed
  • to shave off an extra 20 bytes on that one-liner
  • Gain understanding from other peoples fortunes or misfortunes

There are countless reasons why this site is so valuable, I think however the biggest part about this site is being a part of something. Its like a living organism, with every post and reply we are helping perl to mature into the butterfly the whole world will see.

I apologize if I wasn't clear in my initial post in regards to the power and benifit of this site, it wasn't my intention to "bring it down" to a gaming level. I am merely pointing out observations as a fresh perspective.

I still firmly stand by my post that we do indeed need to do something to try and encourage more activity in some of the core sections of this site. I believe it is in the best interest of everyone. Not all the review or tutorials have to be aimed at the novice, we can have highly specialized instructional information. The point is I really don't care how it happens, I am just trying to promote some thought towards this goal.

I think having the code game contest is still a fantastic idea for this site. By writing code that has a common goal we will be able to study as scholars which methods and designs work best. We will be able to investigate issues more closely. Not only this but we will start to understand how each other views the world and how we tackle problems differently. This I believe is the true utopia of this site, to be enlightened.

I'll take your challenge and will try and find a spot where I can give back to this community that has already given me so much.

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