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I am trying to use the GD::Graph module to plot a chart that will have militay hour number on the x-axis and a count on the y-axis. I have indexes for my hash table for 'hour' and 'count'. I would like to use the GD::Graph::lines function. Below is the example code that I am trying to plot my data but it gives me errors.
# This is the original data from the perldoc examples # @data=(["1st","2nd","3rd"], # [9,4,7]); # I have a hash table with $data[$index]{'hour'} and $data[$index]{'c +ount'} # $graph= GD::Graph::lines->new(400,300); $graph->set( x_label => 'Hour', y_label => 'Transaction Volume', title => 'Number of transactions per hour', y_max_value => 20, y_label_skip => 1, y_tick_number => 1); $gd = $graph->plot(\@data); open (IMG,'>file.png') or die $!; binmode IMG; print IMG $gd->png; close IMG;
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!