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marcussen's scratchpad

by marcussen (Pilgrim)
on Feb 04, 2008 at 04:25 UTC ( [id://665901] : scratchpad . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

<karlmex> So a friend of mine got back from Amsterdam a few months bac +k, after spending a stint there with a bunch of his mates. Told me q +uite possibly one of the funniest stories I’ve heard. They had picked + up some shrooms and acid, and decided to take it in the wee hours of + the morning, and spend the day exploring the city while they tripped +…sure enough 20min into it, one of the group vanishes. So, after 7 or + so hours of struggling to search for their lost friend, they decide +it’d be best to head back to their hotel, sober up, regroup, and go l +ooking when the gears worn off and they’d be of more use. <tubs> lol k <karlmex> Anyway, upon arrival at the hotel, surprise suprise they fin +d their friend standing in the lobby, dazed and staring at the ceilin +g muttering to himself. Understandably they were all pissed off with + him for making them worry and bringing their trip down as a result o +f their half assed search. However all the friend can reply with is “ +this fucking town is full of gremlins!”… They tried to calm him down +and tell him that it was the acid making him hallucinate, to which he + replied “I knew you’d say that so I captured one and locked it in th +e bathroom…” <tubs> lol? <karlmex> as you’d expect they thought he was losing the plot, but he +insisted they come to his room and look for themselves. So, they head + to the room, and sure enough, the bathroom door is baracaded shut wi +th chairs, lamps, mattress and the bed…they're getting a little worri +ed now, so they cautiously move the furniture away and inch the door +open… <tubs> and?? <karlmex> ...Laying on the floor is a 10 year old kid with Down syndro +me grinning ear to ear. <tubs> lol dude that's fucked up <karlmex> The mate had come across one of those outing groups or retar +ded kids - freaked out, balled up one of those poor little bastards c +arried him back to the room and locked him in the bathroom for proof… <tubs> lol god man <karlmex> anyway, luckily the kid had one of those ID cards saying “hi + my name is Ted, I live at blah blah” lol so yea, took the poor kid t +o the lobby, called the cops and did a runner before they arrived lol +.