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Re: Yesterday Date

by benizi (Hermit)
on Feb 06, 2008 at 05:25 UTC ( #666474=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Yesterday Date

Here's one without any module required. (Mainly for fun.) Take the current time. Find the day of the week. Then subtract 12 hours at a time while you're still on that day or you're on a weekend (day = 0 or 6 -- so abs(3-day) == 3). I think you avoid any Daylight Saving problems by going 12 hours at a time. (Going 24 hours at a time could skip the 23-hour day.) Someone correct me if that's wrong.

my $t = time; my $dow = (localtime $t)[6]; my $new_dow; do { $t -= 43200; # half a day, to counter Daylight Saving effects $new_dow = (localtime $t)[6]; } while $dow == $new_dow or 3 == abs(3-$new_dow); my @ymd = (localtime $t)[5,4,3]; $ymd[0]+=1900; $ymd[1]++; my $date = sprintf "%04d-%02d-%02d", @ymd;

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