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Dear Monks

Using Perl at work has taught me a fair amount of things, but I'm generally just doing data analysis with it. The functions of the scripts I write are pretty similar so now I feel that I'm not learning a huge amount more about Perl

I miss feeling completely confused, bemused and banging my head against a wall every day (though I've got C++ for that now..) so..

Can anyone suggest to me a medium sized project I could undertake in Perl? Perhaps something that someone else is writing that they would like a bit of simple-ish stuff doing for? Something web-based perhaps? (I know not-a-lot about web stuff, though I'd like to, but don't really know where to start..)

Any suggestions welcomed, though if it could do something 'useful' then that would be a bonus. Something that will teach me something new is a must (though that won't be hard!). Then I can start bothering you lovely monks again with inane questions ;)


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