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Hi All,
  I did a search on this but could only find posts from several years ago, so I was wondering what the current state of affairs is...

I remember when I first came across CMS sites years ago.. and I hated them. Most of them didn't seem to generate good code, didn't seem to have much chance of appearing high in google (or Altavista, lol) and just didn't seem like it was as proper as good old textpad HTML with some SSI as needed.
I decided not to use them thinking they wouldn't amount to much... BOY was I wrong!

I recently had to do some client work on Drupal and Plone, CMS has certainly come a very long way since I last looked at it, and it's certainly something I need to get up to speed with.

Having decided to learn a lot more about Drupal and Plone so that I can offer more services, I suddenly stopped myself and thought, "wait a minute.. Drupal is PHP.. Plone is Python.. and I'm a Perl programmer"

I always end up doing little hacks to software I use and I'd much rather be hacking in Perl and promoing Perl based applications to my clients.

So what is (or are) the best Perl CMS system(s)?
My requirements are:-

I'm hoping there are people here with some good experience with this ;)