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Hi, What you are looking for is the flat db cms portal rom WebAPP at: WebAPP CMS Portal It has all the requirements requested by you. In addition, despite the fact that it uses fat files, it is much faster then any CMS out there, this is because starting from version 1.0 SE it has a cache and restore system. It is very easy to install, it would actually el extract itself and guide you with information all the way! Good luck! Moshe

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Re^3: What's the best Perl CMS?
by mr_mischief (Monsignor) on Apr 16, 2008 at 16:28 UTC
    From what I see at that site, it looks interesting. A few things give me pause, though.

    I haven't found a license for the software. I was informed that I'd have to join their forums in order to download the software and presented an agreement for that.

    Since I have to sign up as a user (and marketing statistic, since they claim a certain number of registered users as a plus on the site) to download it, I didn't. That means I can't critique the code at all.

    The website flies the W3's banner for being CSS validated, but about every page I go to causes CSS parsing errors in my browser (Firefox on Linux).

    The providers of WebAPP give "legal and security warnings" against getting their code from anywhere other than from their site. Since they've recently been subject to a spin-off being exploited in a way they say their official version isn't, that's probably fair. Yet another page says that all versions until the most recent of the official branch were remotely exploitable, too.

    That same page revealing the pre-1.0 vulnerabilities calls the CMS a "free open source CMS portal", which makes me wonder just what "free" and "open source" license it is distributed under which calls for legal warnings and claims of "piratical spin-off sites" when the code is redistributed.

    It may be a very nice CMS, but there are just too many issues with its site and community for me, personally, to seriously consider it.

      As one of the WebAPPers... there are no requirements for you to sign up to download anything. unless some shmo set the downloads to members only, which is not a normal situation on the development site. As for signing up, whats wrong with joining up??? makes it easier to ask the technical questions you will most likely have... As for the license, its in the download package and is on the site... basic breakdown of the license is this... Its open source, use it, change it modify it... just dont claim you wrote it... as long as your not going to do that... you have nothing to worry about.
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