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While I like your idea for attempting to add to the monestary, knowing the stress cgi intensive servers like this one are under, i have to disagree with the idea. There are a couple of ways we could have an opportunity for others to see what our favorite "internet music" is (personally radiomargaritaville/napster its a toss up for me). Perhaps we could have that be the subject of the next poll. Perhaps- and I know this is a long shot there would be a place on a person's home node for favorite "internet music"

Having this music offerred from the monestary would probably crush the monestary's bandwidth. This could cause unbearable delays using the site. I have seen this delay when there were 40+ people logged into pm. I consider myself fortunate to have at minimal a cable modem for a connection- not everyone is so fortunate. Are we going to penalize those with a slower connection so we can stream in music? Another concern would be the disk space and processing time wasted on such an practice.
Looking at past threads regarding chatterbox clients, I have seen several commented against due to the stress it places on the server.

As an aside- think of all the flame wars that COULD be started
Why won't anyone include my (some people would consider this music offensive) style of music in the monestary?