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Back then (remember, that's 3-4yrs. back), there was only one product: the Metadot Portal Server, and it was free, as in 'GPL' (GNU General Public License); That seems still to be the case (as I read the Metadot homepage).

As for support, now (as back then) you have two options:

* the user forums, which today seems to be primarily run by the user community; 3-4yrs ago the developers would frequently participate, if a Q had been lying around for a day or two without an A; That may have changed now.

* the commercial offers of help with installation, training, hosting, trouble shooting &c; You pay for these professional services, - that's what puts butter on the Metadot Corp. developers toast.

The product is well documented (which was one of the requirements in my evaluation), and a programmer with basic experience in OS and Perl should have no trouble installing and configuring it. And getting answers to /h(is|er)/ questions in the free forums.

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Allan Dystrup