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Perl blog link love

by xdg (Monsignor)
on May 06, 2008 at 10:26 UTC ( #684909=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

In a recent use.perl journal entry, brian_d_foy made a point in response to some recent use.perl journal (and other blog) posts declaring themselves "about Perl":

If you're going to make a post to to game search engine optimization, you have to actually say something like "I like Perl programming", or "I enjoy programming in Perl". Or maybe, I don't know, have some real content about programming Perl... Of course, the next trick is to get everyone to link to your Perl blog, so you need to set up new planets to constantly replicate every post multiple times. One Planet Perl aggregating Perl blog posts about Perl programming isn't enough. Set up several. Everyone can have their own. Get those links out there.

So with that in mind, here's a dense chunk of link-love for all the use.perl journals. Feel free to copy/paste to your own sites elsewhere.. And if you have a Perl blog somewhere else, consider adding it to the Perl wiki blogs page, as well.

2shortplanks, aaronelliotross, aartist, Abigail, acme, Adrian, advent, advocate_pm, agent, aindap, ajt, ajtaylor, Alan, alanhaggai, alfiejohn, Alias, Allison, alodar, ambs, amelia, amoore, AndyArmstrong, anithri, apotheon, Aragorn, arhuman, Aristotle, Asim, ask, atcroft, audreyt, aurum, autarch, autrijus, avar, avik, awwaiid, ayrnieu, babbage, barbie, bart, batkins, bda, Beatnik, beckheng, belg4mit, bepi, Bernhard, bhajan, bibo, billn, BinGOs, blazar, blech, bloves, blue_cowdawg, BlueT, bondage, boo_radley, boog, BooK, brentdax, brian_d_foy, brianiac, bronto, broquaint, btilly, Buck, buckaduck, Bunchy, cacharbe, cbrandtbuffalo, cbrooks, CesarDi, cgrau, chaoticset, chicks, chip, chiron, chrimble, ChrisDolan, chrisv, chromatic, cinder_bdt, cjcollier, cjf, claes, CliffY, clkao, cloudnine, clscott, cmilton, codemonk, cog, cogent, cogurov, coke, Corion, corwin, cosimo, CromeDome, ct, cwest, cyocum, da, dada, dagolden, dakkar, dami, danboo, dankogai, darkerix, DarkKnightRadick, darobin, davebaker, david, davorg, DAxelrod, dc2000, ddick, defyance, demerphq, dgl, dhoss, dimwit, djberg96, dlc, Dom2, Dominus, domm, dpavlin, dpisoni, draven, Drewpy, DrForr, drhyde, duff, dug, dvergin, dwakeman, dwhite21787, dws, eco, educated_foo, elbie, Elian, elliot, Elthek, emazep, Eric, Erudil, essuu, ethan, ewaters, excalibor, exeunt, eyidearie, ferreira, fglock, fireartist, Fletch, FoolontheHill, Fox, FoxtrotUniform, furn, g0n, gabor, gambuzino, garron, garth, gav, GAVollink, gbarr, geoff, geoffrey, ggoldbach, ghenry, gizmo_mathboy, glasser, gnat, godoy, goon, gozer, grantm, graouts, graq, Greg, grep, grinder, gugod, hanekomu, hansel, hartsock, hctif, herveus, heusserm, hex, hfb, hide, hio, HollyKing, htoug, hydo, iburrell, ikebe, IlyaM, include, ingy, inkdroid, ishigaki, itub, ivorw, izut, jacques, jaldhar, james, jamiemccarthy, jand, jarich, jaybee, jbc, jbisbee, jbodoni, jdavidb, jdavidboyd, jdporter, Jean, jeffa, jesse, jest, jflowers, jfluhmann, jhannah, jhi, jhorwitz, jima, jj, jjohn, jjore, jk2addict, jkondo, jmcada, jmcnamara, jmerelo, jmm, jns, joedoc, Jogi, johanvdb, johnseq, jonasbn, JonathanWorthington, jonswar, jordan, jouke, jozef, jplindstrom, jpmahoney0, jrockway, jsmith, jtrammell, juanbro, jweveland, jzawodn, K_M_McMahon, ka6wke, kaare, kag, Kake, kamileon, kane, kasei, kazuma, kellan, Kelli, kentaro, khamar, kid51, kingubu, kjones4, KM, konobi, koobla, koschei, krellis, kudra, kungfuftr, kurihara, kyanny, lachoy, lamech, laoliu, larsen, Lecar_red, lemming, lenzo, leo, lestrrat, lilstevey, Limbic, link, liol, listerin, lorn, Louis_Wu, LTjake, luqui, macli, Maddingue, mako132, maks, malbh, malte, maradong, marcel, marcus, Mark, markjugg, MarkyMoon, marnanel, mary, Marza, Masque, mattriffle, Matts, mbadolato, mdxi, meanroy, MeerCat, melo, melopt, mercedo, merijnb, merlyn, metalcrowe, metaperl, MGLEE, mike_arms, milardj, mitd, miyagawa, mizzy, mjl69, mkirank, mndrix, modred, monsterzero, mothra, mpeters, Mr, mr_bean, mrd, mshiltonj, mst, mugwumpjism, Mur, n1vux, NachoMan, naterajj, naughton, nekokak, neophyte, neuroball, new, nicholas, nigelm, nik, nipotan, nite_man, nkuitse, nobull, nothingmuch, numericus, Odud, offerk, oliver, ology, oneiron, ontoligent, orif, osfameron, Ovid, oyama, particle, pate, paul, paulm, pdcawley, pemungkah, Penfold, pepl, PerfDave, perhenrik, perigrin, perl, perl, perlguy, perrin, petdance, phaylon, philcrow, phillup, Phred, pierre, pjf, planetscape, pmichaud, pne, podmaster, polettix, prakash, properler_head, pudge, pudgetest, Purdy, pyewackkit, q, Qiang, QM, quidity, rafael, Random, Ranguard, rblackwe, redsquirrel, reneeb, renodino, Revelation, rfaramir, RGiersig, rhesa, richardc, rickumali, rjbs, rjray, rob_au, robin, Robrt, rodi, RoMo, Ron, rooneg, runrig, rurban, russell, Sags, samtregar, sboss, sbraun, schwern, schwigon, scot, scrottie, sekimura, sherab, sheriff_p, shiflett, shild, Shlomi, shockme, sigzero, silent11, Simon, singingfish, sir_lichtkind, sjn, Skud, sky, slanning, smash, Smylers, SnakeNuts, Solo, somian, SparkeyG, speters, sphyg, spur, srezic, sri, statebelt, statico, steph, stephen, Stevan, storulis, stu42j, stvn, stvn_skuo, sumdeus, symbolist, tagg, tannie, tdenkinger, TeeJay, Terje, TheNomad, Theory, thinc, thoellri, Thomas, Tim, Timbo, tinman, tirwhan, titivillus, tkwoof, tmtm, tobert, tokuhirom, toma, tombom, tomhukins, tonyc, TorgoX, triv, tropos, tsee, ttul, unimatrix, uri, vani, varf, vek, vroom, VSarkiss, vsergu, waltman, wbl, WebDragon, Whammo, wickline, wirebird, wnodom, Wob, xenchu, Yanick, Yappo, ybiC, yudel, z0d, zatoichi, ZenHam, ziggy, ZIGOROu, zorknapp,

update: OK, so perhaps this is a boneheaded idea after all. Still, I like arbingersys's more constructive idea. So please take this post as ill-thought meditation and critique with more constructive ones.


Code written by xdg and posted on PerlMonks is public domain. It is provided as is with no warranties, express or implied, of any kind. Posted code may not have been tested. Use of posted code is at your own risk.

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Re: Perl blog link love
by moritz (Cardinal) on May 06, 2008 at 10:44 UTC
    Feel free to copy/paste to your own sites elsewhere
    That's actually a bad idea because search engines will recognize that as link spam, and will reduce the "link authority" of that pages.

    If you really want to promote perl blogs, link to few selected that you read yourself, or link to that blog list wiki page.

      Exactly. If you are feeling particularly zealous, you could read the blogs and when something exciting or worthy of discussion comes out, make a post about it yourself.

        Remarkable thought... :D

        Don Wilde
        "There's more than one level to any answer."
Re: Perl blog link love
by arbingersys (Pilgrim) on May 13, 2008 at 03:29 UTC
    You could put a link to your blog in your PerlMonks signature. My blog isn't exclusively Perl, but it is about Perl, as well as FOSS.

    I think this would work on several levels.

    (1) It's self interest/promotion, the great motivator of capitalist economics. Plus, it's good sense marketing to a targeted niche.

    (2) It uses the "ranking" power of PerlMonks in search engines. A keyword search that matches a PerlMonks conversation has a better chance of coming up in the first result set. A better chance of people coming upon your wit and wisdom. :)

    (3) Rewards good content. That is -- write a good post, get on the front page, get linked from elsewhere. PerlMonks benefits, and you benefit, because you get rank, as well as a number of "curiousity" click-throughs as people see your link and maybe check it out. You never know. You might get some subscribers out of it.

    (4) More nodes mean more links back to your blog and PerlMonks gets higher aggregate participation. XP is a means to prevent "spam" posts that just say something inane without adding value.

    A blog among millions.

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