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Re: Not sure how to query my database in this code

by sulfericacid (Deacon)
on May 11, 2008 at 02:34 UTC ( #685920=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Not sure how to query my database in this code

First thing I see is most likely a mistake is
last if $count = $total_images;
That should be
last if $count == $total_images;
Now as for the real question. One perlish way to do it would be to query the database in whatever fashion you want and store the unique id's into an array. Since you already have a $count variable, it's easy to index when you need it.

I'm sure there's a much more efficient way to do this as this method would require you to query the database for each and every image. But it's an idea.

sub display_pictures { my $rowcnt = 5; my $colcnt = 5; my $total_images = $rowcnt * $colcnt; my $count = 0; my $tags_to_close = 0; # ensure all html tags are good my $stop; my $counted_in_row = 0; my @saved_results; print qq(<table>); my $data = qq(SELECT id, filename, title FROM pictures ORDER BY ID DES +C); my $sth = $dbh->prepare($data); $sth->execute() or die $dbh->errstr; my ($id, $filename, $title); $sth->bind_columns(\$id, \$filename, \$title); while ($sth->fetch) { push(@saved_results, $id); } print @saved_results; for( my $i=0;$i<$rowcnt;$i++) # for 1 .. 5 for rows { print "<tr>"; for(my $j=0;$j<$colcnt;$j++) # for 1 .. 5 for pictures { $counted_in_row++; if ($count == $total_images) { my $tags_to_close; $tags_to_close = $colcnt - $j; $tags_to_close = 0 if $tags_to_close == $colcnt; for (1 .. $tags_to_close) { print qq(<td> . </td> ); } $stop = 1; last if $stop; } #Retrieve your image from server here and #put the corresponding tags print qq(<td> $saved_results[$count++] </td>\n); # query the dat +abase via id here $count++; last if $count == $total_images; } print "</tr>\n"; last if $stop; } print qq(</table>); }

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