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As a user of an OO module, one typically uses the package name only to invoke the new method:
my $obj = Your::Package->new(%options); $obj->do_something; $obj->do_something_other(@args);

Consider reading perltoot, or if that doesn't help you, read a book on object orientation in general (doesn't really have to be perl related).

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Re^4: A first attempt.. at OO perl
by why_bird (Pilgrim) on Jul 03, 2008 at 11:10 UTC
    I did read perltoot---I assumed that because you called new like that you had to call everything else like that too. Think I will pick up the book recommended by TGI and/or any others that people can suggest. I'm happy that I'm wrong about how to call methods, it did worry me at first, always having to include the object as an argument, the way you've shown me is much nicer!
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