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What would be the (relatively) best way to list all functions of a package or methods of an object?

The best way i could think of is:

my $instance = new Class::Name; sub print_methods { my ($obj) = @_; my $class = ref $obj; foreach my $name (eval "keys %${class}::") { if ($obj->can($name)) { print "obj can do $name\n"; } } } print_methods($instance);

There must be a better way, but i gave up trying to find the right typeglob-related syntax. The eval "keys %${class}::" can certainly be better. Besides there must be some way to get all symbol table entries for which {CODE} is defined instead of using $var->can(), but yet again, i failed to write something that would compile.

And yes, i understand that it wouldn't find AUTOLOAD's and possibly some other funny stuff - that's why i wrote "the (relatively) best way".

Any help will be appreciated.