You can now go drop your money in the offering plate to help offset the costs of bandwidth and colocation for the PerlMonks server.

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Re: PerlMonks Offering plate now available
by zigster (Hermit) on Apr 12, 2001 at 12:50 UTC
    I have just tried to contribute but the page refused to let me as I am not an american ;-) It requires me to enter my state and zip code. I am rue to put my county and post code (UK equiv I guess) as it is required for credit card authentication.

    Nice idea, I am happy to pay to keep pm active.


      I managed to create a International(French) account, although I remember it was not THAT easy...

      Look a little bit further, there's an international subscription somewhere...
      ( here ?)
      Don't forget the (too long) credit card validation process...

      Don't hesitate to ask me for more info.

      "Only Bad Coders Badly Code In Perl" (OBC2IP)