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I can make a change in the parent to STDOUT that affects the child's STDOUT.

It depends what change you are making and how you are perceiving that the the child has been affected.

In general, I do not consider Perl's Win32 fork emulation worth the effort of bothering with. There are simply too many differences between the platforms and holes in the emulation, that make *nix techniques fail to work. A few examples:

Those are just a few of the limitations that come to mind. I've encountered several more anomalies that don't. IMO these difference make trying to code portable programs using fork unworkable if win32 is a target platform.

If you application calls for single direction piping of data to or from the child, then using the forked-open is effective and far more portable. If you bi-directional communications between parent and child, then threads can provide an effective solution that is again, far more portable than fork.

Your question to date simply asks about forking and pipes ,without giving any hint as to the actual application, so it is impossible to suggest alternatives to that approach.

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