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Perlmonks Related Scripts

by epoptai (Curate)
on Apr 17, 2001 at 20:32 UTC ( [id://73228] : CUFP . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Perlmonks Related Scripts

  1. Modules
  2. Chatterbox
  3. Private Messages
  4. XP/Reputation
  5. Node Clients
  6. Navigation
  7. Other


PerlMonks modules 2.0 PerlMonks (base module), PerlMonks::Chat (chat stuff), PerlMonks::Users (users and XP stuff) and PerlMonks::NewestNodes (a threaded interface to the Newest Nodes page). Also see Quick Fix for PerlMonks modules and PerlMonksChat module via proxy and the Sourceforce Project.

PerlMonks::Mechanized (beta) Yet Another Attempt to gather Monastery automation tools under one roof.

PerlMonks::StatsWhore encapsulates behavior and code from jcwren's statswhore and repwalker scripts.

use PerlMonksFacts; This module abstracts working with the automation interfaces.

WebFetch::PerlMonks grabs the most recent posts and generates an HTML file containing a list of links.



AgentChat is a chatterbox client. It uses small animated characters to communicate the contents of the chatterbox to the astonished user.

Get chatbox lines - Gtk Version

mchattk Tk Version of Shendal's Win32::GUI chatterbox client.

Perl/Tk Chatterbox Client GUI Chatterbox client that works on NT and UNIX. Also see Tk chatterbox client patches

RedWolf MonkChatter A chatterbox client in Perl/TK.

Win32::GUI Chatterbox client NT GUI Chatterbox client.


framechat is a Perl/CGI XML CB client modeled on fullpage chat at perlmonks. Includes an xp nodelet, message inbox, private chat, history, new nodes ticker, node rep tracking, and more. Alse see framechat2

Wireless Access to Perl Monks Chatterbox is a mobile phone friendly interface to the chatterbox.

Zedulator - an integrated chat/page-view for Perlmonks


Chatterbox2IRC bridge using POE and XML::Simple

IRC<->CB Relay Bot

Robomonk - An IRC to PM Bridge slices, it dices.

Send private CB messages through XChat


Curses Chatterbox Client

Get chatbox lines can return all the lines that are currently there, or only the new lines since the last time the getnewlines subroutine is called.

pmchat is useful mostly under Unix.

Unix text-mode CB Client


Monktalk Speech interface to chatterbox, using festival server for the text-to-speech processing. delivers the chatterbox as MP3 encoded streaming audio. It uses the festival/MBROLA text-to-speech (TTS) system to create the audio on the fly.

telnet cb client (not a script)

VoiceXML Chatterbox Listener reads the contents of the public chatterbox to any listeners, 800 number included!

IM Gateways

Jabber Bot For Chatterbox serves as an IM gateway to the perlmonks chatterbox.

perlmonkscb: An AIM / CB gateway.



java chatterbox is the old java chatter.
new java chat client


cbhistory keeps a history of messages that go through the chatterbox.

cblast35 keeps a DB_File of the last 35 messages uttered in the cb.

Chatterbox conversational clusters graphs the last hour's chatterbox to clump around who was talking to whom.

Markov-chaining Chatterbox is constructed from the last 2000 things you've said.

Private Messages checks to see if you have received any /msg's, emails them to you, and provides an interface to handle replies.

PerlMonks pager gets your personal messages from PerlMonks and displays or mails them to you. It can optionally check them off automatically.


(code) provides a procedural interface to determine how many XP separate two specified monks.

Graph displaying reputation of all your nodes converts Quickrep output into a PNG bar chart to show how many of your nodes have a given reputation.

How much XP until you pass your favorite monk? This little script allows you to monitor changes to the reputation of your articles. is an update of that uses mirods XML::Twig module.

Node Tracker will keep a log of any changes to the title, id, or rep of your nodes.

Personal Monk Stats plot creator logs in to Perlmonks (using ZZamboni's PerlmonksChat module), gets your writeup page and creates 3 plots from the data, which are ftp'd to a server of your choice.

Quickrep will list all of your nodes, sorted by reputation in descending order, with any changes since the last time you ran it.

reputer is a Perl/CGI that analyzes and displays XML node reputation and xp data from perlmonks. Has graphs, a sorted node browser, history, undo, import, export, etc.

repviewer parses the reputation file generated by jcwren's to generate a full sorted list of your articles on one html page. extracts a users total writeups, and total repuration, along with min, max, and average.

XP & Inbox XChat Perl script get both XPs and messages from the inbox and get them in XChat.

XPAddiction -- a new XP whoring tool for KDE.

XPBot -- check your XP on IRC

XPFixation -- The Essential Windows XP Whoring Tool is a Windows tool tray icon that monitors XP changes, and upon an XP change, changes the icon, plays a WAV file, puts it in a 10 entry history list, and displays a tool tip showing the XP value, the amount it changed, and the time and date. is an update of that uses mirods XML::Twig module, and includes larryl's histogram code.

xml_pimp similar to statswhore but keeps track of your xp changes.


Votes in the pool how many ++ are in the pool for a single day?

Voting Booth Nodelet Watcher is for people that run around life with the all important voting nodelet turned off.

Node Clients

Home and Personal

Bulk Node Title Editor allows bulk editing of user's node titles.

Code Catacombs Auto-Updat Example shows how to automate updates of catacombs code.

Home Node Image Rotator Implements automatic updating of home node image, after so many hits on the home node.

Homenode Updater is designed to insert SETI@Home statistics into a users homenode, but easily modifiable for other tasks.

hup is a home node updater. You can use it on the command line, or from a crontab, to automate updating your homenode.

Personal Nodelet Extractor parse your Personal Nodelet and output the nodes in the form of: id {delimiter} name.

Personal Nodelet Restorer does the reverse of jeffa's Personal Nodelet Extractor.

Scratch Pad Poster will upload a file and replace your scratch pad with the contents of that file.

Scratchpad poster, new edition brings the older one up to date with the new scratchpad system.

SprintPCS camera phone to Perlmonks Monkpics


CGI Script for Reading Newest Nodes creates a page similar to the Newest Nodes page. With this script you can control which sections show up and in what order.

Frontpage staleness detector fetches the front page, does a quick guess at which nodes are questions and produces a histogram of the dates and how many nodes there are from each.

Mail newest nodes grabs each new node and mails it.

Monestary NNTP Bridge fetches newest XML nodes and uses Net::NNTP to store it on a (local) newsserver.

Perl/Tk Newest Nodes Client uses zzamboni's 2.0 to check newest nodes and put them in a graphical tree format.

Perl Monks Newest 10 Nodes snippet gets the 10 most recently added nodes.

xNN is a CGI newest nodes client that sorts nodes by date, author, category, and threads.


download code from scratchpad

Monastery::Monkify changes every word into a link to the home node of a monk with a similar name.

PerlMonks CSS Examples is a repository for everyone's creations.

Perlmonks Navigator is a chronological node surfing tool in javascript.

pmproxy a perlmonks proxy to simply insert a css tag.

pmproxy2 adds cookie and post support with substitutions.

Run and/or download code directly from perlmonk nodes.

seeker watch checks perlmonks at a defined interval for new seeker posts and notifies when found.

Other - Spot The Monk! draws maps showing monk locations.

Janitors Thread Retitler v3.1 is a Janitors tool script used to retitle threads. It doesn't work for non-Janitors.

Perlmonks Age Stats pulls up the upcoming birthdays page, scrapes the age information out, then outputs either HTML or PNG.

Also see Related Scripts

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Re: Perlmonks Related Scripts
by jeroenes (Priest) on Apr 20, 2001 at 16:19 UTC
    Handy stuff, epoptai.

    I tried seeker watch, but it didn't snatch the unapproved. So I posted a modified version at here.

    "We are not alone"(FZ)