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I am working on a automated test suite. The test suite has many test scripts with .t extn. This .t file has test cases for many scenarios and the scenarios includes running of many .pl files. I am using Test::More to write the .t file and using Test::Harness to get all the .t file running and get the summary at the end.
The issue here is since the .t file runs many .pl files within, the .pl display many warning in the command line the same appears when I run execute_tests. I want to overcome this, ie; I want to have only the test that has run and whether it's passed or failed ie; output of Test::More in the log file.
I have also seen some time execute_test (of Test::Harness) does not display the test results but display only the summary in the log(file to which the output is redirected, parameter of execute_tests)