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Parrot 1.0 "Haru Tatsu" Released

by BigAl (Scribe)
on Mar 18, 2009 at 08:38 UTC ( #751395=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

On behalf of the Parrot team, I'm proud to announce Parrot 1.0.0 "Haru Tatsu." Parrot is a virtual machine aimed at running all dynamic languages.

Parrot 1.0.0 is available on Parrot's FTP site, or follow the download instructions. For those who would like to develop on Parrot, or help develop Parrot itself, we recommend using Subversion on our source code repository to get the latest and best Parrot code.

Parrot 1.0.0 News:

- Documentation + New user documentation for exceptions. + Updates to Chapters 4 & 5 of the Parrot book. + Improved and expanded generated HTML documentation, as the input for + Added Compiled HTML Help (.chm) version of documentation. + Cleanups and fixes. - Languages + Pynie - left the nest and is now at + Cardinal - left the nest and is now at + APL - left the nest and is now at + ABC, Squaak, and Befunge moved to examples/. + All remaining languages moved to - Tools + Support for language builds from an installed Parrot. + Expanded language shell generator for new languages. + 'parrotbug' utility repurposed for the Trac interface. - Deprecations + Removed deprecated Tqueue and Closure PMCs. + String, Key, NCI, LexPad, Iterator, Sub, Continuation, RetContinuation, ExceptionHandler, ParrotLibrary, ParrotInterpreter, ParrotThread, ParrotRunningThread, Rational, FixedPMCArray, ResizablePMCArray, and GDBMHash PMCs now use declared attributes (ATTR), in place of the deprecated UnionVal.

Thanks to all our contributors for making this possible, and our sponsors for supporting this project. Our next release is 21 April 2009.

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