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Nice thesis.

Well, first of all, I most certainly did not dismiss ( or even refer to ) the women's rights movements as a "feminist thing". What I meant by I said is that it was regretful for the interpretation of it's meaning that the feminist group took hold of it and made it their own. Which by the way, the negative connotations you picked up on, were not towards feminism in general, but rather towards their strong hold on the movement.

Yes, of course I realize bearing children was the extent of the female realm not that long ago...that was the point of the reference.

Also, you took my quote out of context, I didn't just say "woman can do anything they want", I said "men are idiots and women can do anything they want"; what I meant, was not that women's poor little brains just aren't wired for computing (hello, I thought that's what I was doing presently...?), but rather, that as a society we tend to place the hold it all together job on the woman, and the be an idiot without the woman there, on the man. Just turn on any sitcom, featuring a couple as the key stars, the woman fixes everything, handles everything and knows best, while the man bumbles around like an idiot, and this has become a perfectly acceptable stereo-type, but it isn't fair. Unfortunately, this stereo-type has become cross-linked to the more radical feminist group movements, which is what my "women can do anything" statement was referencing.

In closing, guess what? There are limitations on women as compared to men, one of them being they can't impregnate another woman. Accusing me of stating fundamental differences and/or limitations in a comparison between men and women, with no specific case, can become rather ridiculous. Look, my point was only to say, that while I completely support the women's rights movements, and am incredibly grateful to all my sisters who made it possible for me to express this opinion, I also know that we do have limitations as women, just as men have limitations as men, and even though sexism in the professional world should never be tolerated, equal respect for both races and realization of the differences between the two, without overlooking the one, is the needed conclusion; men deserve respect without prejudice, just as much as women do. We should be at a point, this day and age, with all of this advancement, that it is a human thing instead of a gender thing. I was harassed quite a bit on this site, when I first joined Perl Monks, because of my gender ( read the "gender" section of my profile ); however, I didn't feel the need to bombard all of the men on the site with a class on how to treat their fellow humans, because of a few bad apples. We just need to include everyone, so often when marching for the rights of one specific group, another one gets trampled on. Two rights never make a wrong. A lot of men are sexist a$#holes, but a lot of men, and a lot of the ones on this site ;), have been wonderful about helping me achieve my goals to program along side them. I just wanted to make that point known, as a woman currently experiencing the topic of discussion. If you disagree, of course I understand, but please don't twist my words to meet your own individual interpretation, or accuse me of assumptions I've neither made nor stated.