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Thanks for the ideas, THRAK and repson.   8^)
But they don't quite address my quest for knowledge of Win32 perl for timing-out on user input.

Anyone?   Bueller?   {grin}

Thanks to good monk tye for a polite RTFM   8^)   perldoc Term::ReadKey indicates that it just *might* support timeout internally.   I'm still experimenting with the syntax - will post results.

No go.   "Non-blocking ReadLine is not supported on this architecture" with ActivePerl 5.6 on Win2k, but runs fine on Debian 2.2r3

$!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Term::ReadKey; use Term::ReadLine; ReadMode('noecho'); print 'enter password:'; my $pass = ReadLine(5); ReadMode('restore'); unless (defined($pass)) { print "\n\nSorry, you waited too long.\n\n"; exit; }

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