Currently, the edithistory (i.e. that data displayed by Recent Janitorial Edits) is only used for logging edits to the document content of nodes (under certain circumstances). There are several other kinds of janitorial actions which do not get logged — for example, moving a node to a different section. I know there've been times when I wished this other kind of info was logged in the edithistory.

I made one change recently in this direction; it could be called a proof of concept: if you move a node using the Moderation Nodelet (which, btw, is deprecated in favor of the Approval Nodelet), this gets logged.

So, what do we think? Should we log more janitorial event types besides node content editing? If so, what types should we [not] log? And why?

Update: Here is a list of the possibilities:

  1. Approve for section
  2. Unapprove for section
  3. Approve for front page
  4. Unapprove for front page
  5. Move (root) to other section
  6. Reparent (make it a reply of another node)
  7. Promote (convert a reply into a root)
  8. Added 2015-07-07:
  9. Unconsider. Capture the details of the consideration; otherwise they'd vanish without a trace. (user, reason, date. maybe votes?)
(Please /msg me if I've missed any.)

IMHO, we almost certainly do not want to log #1 and #3, as those are far too numerous, and of relatively little importance. And at any rate, the info on a node's current approval status is already being stored elsewhere.

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Re: Log more events in the edithistory?
by planetscape (Chancellor) on Jun 06, 2009 at 01:23 UTC

    First, kudos for move2sect - (patch)!

    Re: other janitorial events I'd like to see logged... On several occasions, nodes that I've approved have been unapproved; sometimes in order to move to another section (understandable), but more strange, sometimes not. Sometimes they are re-approved and frontpaged by the same person... I personally would not mind knowing about un-approvals (and un-frontpaging too).