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It seems that your script isn't getting executed as a Perl script (assuming the script you show is the one being executed) or isn't getting executed as a CGI script. I have no idea why.

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Re^12: Weird error log message
by Nik (Initiate) on Jun 10, 2009 at 15:36 UTC
    Is there a way to verify how the script runs -under what condiotions? maybe rename the extension to .cgi? Would that help? Is there really anything i could do to make it work?
      Yes, examine your webserver configuration and logs, and consult your webservers manual.
        Locally i could do that, but remotely i cant because iam not the owner of the remote server and support won't help.
        May i give you user and pass in prive mssg to log into my cpanel hoping you can come out with an idea of soliving this that i dont see? please