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As i stated in previous posts today i said that because i found it ironic to me. Indeed it has ssome sence of ironism in it and other posts as well. Also i didnt say it after i said "I respect ikegami and his help to this and other threads of me was very insightfull." but before. Check the dates.

You can't just copy and paste an error message rather than ask us to view some screen shot (the domain blocked by my employers)? What have you tried to resolve the issue? Did you search the web before posting here? Perhaps paying for support is an option if you don't want to have to search for the solutions to problems?

That was your first answer to me at this thread and *that* wasn't very respectfull and not what i said after i got frustrated at some point cause i had this accusasation and "loads of fun" stuff. And yes i did tried my best to see what i can do to resolve my issue with the little knowlenge i happen to have before asking here. Its far quick for one to resolve one's issue if he knows how, rather than asking for it. And if it was so easy to find on my own then you wouldn't have trouble identifying too. Anyway...