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For my first round of Golf at the Monastery, here's a non-strict, non-polynomial approach.
sub assemble { ## Begin Golf $w=join'',@_;t("",@_);$w} sub t{my$s=shift;$w=$s if!@_ and length$s<length$w; return if!@_;my@b=(@_,@_); map{t($_,@b[0..$#_-1])}_($s,shift@b)while(@b>@_)} sub _{my($a,$b)=@_;$l=length$a;for(0..$l){$x=substr($a,0,$_).$b; return$x if substr($x,0,$l)eq$a} ## End Golf } print assemble qw(GATTACA ATTACA GATT AAGAT CCC)
emits AAGATTACACCC That's 248 by my count (less the extra newlines that I threw in to avoid ugly wrapping). There's a 20 character test that prunes the search space back, but not enough (I think) to make it a polynomial solution.

Update: This is polynomial after all. I was too lazy to work that out at first. Bah.