Just wondering, are there any plans to add a spell checker?

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Re: spell checker
by mikfire (Deacon) on May 02, 2001 at 19:31 UTC
    I would rather have something that ran anything between <code> tags through a perl -c :) I figure most people will excuse a few misspellings, but I hate embarrassing myself by making stupid syntax errors in the code.


      Hey! I judge people on their abilty to spell, making a spell checker would be baaad. Unless it issued a summary of the number of spelling mistakes and highlighted them in red, and didn't let you change them. ;o) But even then, you couldn't interfudgificate words without the spell checker flagging it.

      As for the bad code high-lighter, this is an excellent idea, if only for newbie posters, especially when the post is: "why doesn't my code compile" ;o). There are flaws when code tags are used to wrap text that might usually be written using pre tags.

      Also what do you do for folk like AgentM and his pedantry and his incistance that American-english is the right thing for the web?

      Brother Frankus.


        frankus wrote:

        I judge people on their abilty to spell...

        I trust you're kidding when you say that. To be fair, I have the same tendency, but I realized that when I type things in this little white box, I'm often in a hurry and I don't always double-check my speeling (sic).

        That being said, aside from words that you appeared to deliberately misspell (baaad) or invented (interfudgificate), I noticed that you wrote 'incistance' instead of 'insistence'. I have passed judgment and find you guilty :)


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Re: spell checker
by footpad (Abbot) on May 02, 2001 at 22:34 UTC

    Um, why not simply compose messages offline using a text editor sporting such a beast? Indeed, there are many that let you customize the spelling processor so that it would accept "normal" English (whatever that is), common TLA's, and code.

    Alternatively, you could write such a thing, host on your servers, and perhaps even upload the source as a CUFP.


      There are some who advocate going a step further, by putting their editor online and getting rid of the browser...


Re: spell checker
by thabenksta (Pilgrim) on May 02, 2001 at 20:39 UTC

    I was thinking about this today also, becuase I have horrible spelling. But then I thought, I hate online spell checkers, like the hotmail one, that is just a pain. It's just as easy to copy your text over to a word processor and paste it back. Or learn how to spell.

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Re: spell checker
by iamnothing (Friar) on May 02, 2001 at 20:19 UTC
    The only way I'd really like to see a spell checker on this (or any other programming site) would be if it ignored anything between code segments. Otherwise, you'd have to scroll through countless "mispellings" to post it. Not to mention the longer the posted script (really, what spell checker is going to know $_ unless it's added manually?) the more time the server would take trying to parse supposed errors.

    If it excluded code blocks, it'd be okay, though. I usually try to check myself during preview anyway.

Re: spell checker
by lindex (Friar) on May 02, 2001 at 21:42 UTC
    It always could be optional you know. Just make it a checkbox option under your profile section.
    That way ppl who would like to use it could, and those who are wouldn't like it dont have to.
    All I'am saying is it would be nice not to have to look up the spelling on words Iam not sure about, would just save me a whole lot of time. And I dont think Iam alone on this idea?

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(jptxs) Re: spell checker
by jptxs (Curate) on May 02, 2001 at 23:14 UTC
    I once asked the same thing on Sept 14 2000 =)
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