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Hi fseng,

As Corion has noted, people on this site are not here to do your homework for you. Your previous question at least included the attempt you'd made at the question. Perhaps you could do the same here, or at least ask for references to the things you don't understand. Without knowing what exactly you are struggling with, try:

Perl was the first language I learnt (and I learnt it at work) so I still remember how daunting it can seem if you've never programmed before. But you still need to learn to ask specific questions (even if they are 'stupid' questions) if you want help here, and, importantly show that you have put work in yourself first. Mention what you have read on the subject, and what you didn't understand even after reading about it. Even better, also let us know what your previous experience with programming/scripting is, if any, then it's easier to tailor the advice we give you.

Hope this helps, and good luck learning Perl...


p.s. put these at the top of every Perl script you write. Then at least when something doesn't work you'll have a clue about why.

use strict; use warnings;

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