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If you are doing this a lot with large files, computing a cryptographic hash is the way to go. If, on the other hand you are:

1) Working on Windows
2) Working over network shares
3) Not doing too much

This little snippet I threw together the other day to compare the contents of two shares might help:

my $share = '\\\\someserver\\someshare\\"' foreach my $file (@file_list) { my $file2 = $share . $file; if (-e $file2) { my @cmp = `fc $file $file2 | findstr /c:"FC:"`; if ($cmp[0]) { unless ($cmp[0] =~ /no differences/) { print "$file: $cmp[0]"; } } else { print "$file:\n" } } else { print "$file is missing from $share\n"; } }