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Re: recursive dependencies in 5.8.8 vs 5.10 and CPAN

by Kevin_Raymer (Initiate)
on Jul 03, 2009 at 21:07 UTC ( #777122=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to recursive dependencies in 5.8.8 vs 5.10 and CPAN

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Re^2: recursive dependencies in 5.8.8 vs 5.10 and CPAN
by morgon (Priest) on Jul 03, 2009 at 21:32 UTC
    My posting was mainly about the difference in the way 5.10 and 5.8.8. handle such cases - but in case you are the author of Parse::Lex - would you incorporate a patch or transfer ownership of the module to someone else so that 3 very trivial bugs (typos really) can be fixed?

    It's not critical for us, so if you have more important things to do that's fine, but it would be nice if modules that come from CPAN would not need manual tinkering...

    And thanks a lot for all the effort you've put into it.

      It's unlikely that Kevin Raymer is the author of Parse::Lex. But the CPAN tool now has a patching feature called "distroprefs", which you can use to automatically apply local patches to module whenever they get installed through CPAN.

        Cool - that's very good to know.

        In case you've used it - how could I transfer the settings from one machine to another?

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