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Re: Threads weirdness

by Corion (Patriarch)
on Jul 06, 2009 at 14:12 UTC ( #777555=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Threads weirdness

Passing around objects among threads is fraught with potential for errors. I think the basic principle is that you'll get a copy unless you declare something as explicitly :shared. See threads and threads::shared. Personally, I'd try to decouple the scheduler from the worker(s) and have a queue in each direction to pass commands forth and receive the status (+data) back from the worker(s).

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Re^2: Threads weirdness
by reasonablekeith (Deacon) on Jul 06, 2009 at 14:50 UTC
    Thanks Corion,

    The only thing that changes in the component object is the last_run_time value, so I guess you're saying I can handle that in the main thread instead of it being managed by the object, and that might fix my problem?

    I still find it very weird, as (disregarding what's in the object), that scalar ref value changes from one line to the next.

    my name's not Keith, and I'm not reasonable.

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