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If I understand your problem correctly, you just want to display one of a number of messages based on the current time, then quit.

UPDATE: As noted by Ikegami below, this is wrong!
"So take the current time in seconds; mod it by the total number of seconds in a message cycle, and divide the results by the number of messages you have:"

The correct formula (Thanks to Ikegami again) is (time / message-display-time) mod number-of-messages.

# See correct version of this by ikegami below! @message = ("Message 1", "Message 2", "Message 3", "Message 4", "Message 5", "Message 6", "Message 7", "Message 8", "Message 9", "Message 10"); $num_msgs = @message; $msg_time = 5; $total_time = $num_msgs * $msg_time; $msg_num = int((time() % $total_time) / $num_msgs); print $message[$msg_num], "\n";