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so I Installed the rpm by 'make install"

Please slow down and pay attention to what you're telling us. You don't install RPMs with "make install". You install RPMs with "yum". So what did you really do?

I did not use yum for the CPAN install since it does not work.

What do you mean by "it does not work"? What unexpected behaviour did you see? Were there any error messages?

yum works fine for installing modules in Fedora. If you have a problem I'm sure it can be resolved.

I tried to reinstall the rpm from the CD.But it failed saying there is no transactions.

Please tell us exactly what the error message said. Copy and paste it. Don't just paraphrase. That helps no-one.

I believe it recognizes that PERL is installed and doe not try to reinstall.

Yes, rpm (and, therefore, yum) won't reinstall RPMs that are already installed unless you use the --force option. But I don't believe that you need to reinstall Perl in order to resolve these problems.

If you clearly explain what you are doing and what error messages you are getting, then I'm confident that we can help you. If you just post vague or incorrect information then we might try a few guesses, but we're likely to get bored quickly :-)


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