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nodetype inheritance matrix

by jdporter (Chancellor)
on Aug 05, 2009 at 16:44 UTC ( #786168=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to jdporter's treehouse
in thread jdporter's scratchpad

nodetype parent dbtables(explicit) dbtables(inherited) group dbtable
node node
nodegroup node node nodegroup
nodeletgroup nodegroup node nodegroup
usergroup nodegroup document node nodegroup
nodeball nodegroup setting node nodegroup
theme nodeball setting, node nodegroup
nodetype node node, nodetype node
container node container node
theme container container container, node
document node document node
note document note document, node
perlsolution note note, document, node
categorized question note contributor note, document, node
categorized answer note contributor note, document, node
pmdevnote note note, document, node
superdoc document document, node
restricted_superdoc superdoc document, node
sillyscript restricted_superdoc document, node
pmdevsuperdoc superdoc document, node
perlquestion document document, node
testquestion perlquestion document, node
perlmeditation document document, node
fullpage document document, node
meta-user document setting document, node
mail document mail document, node
perltutorial document document, node
perlexercise document document, node
monkdiscuss document document, node
CUFP document document, node
superquestion document document, node
superquestionarea document document, node
poem document document, node
obfuscated document document, node
sourcecode document sourcecode document, node
rawpage document rawpage document, node
css rawpage rawpage, document, node
Dynamic CSS css rawpage, document, node
script rawpage rawpage, document, node
strangedoc document document, node
request document document, node
quest document quest document, node
hint document hint document, node
sitefaqlet document document, node
sitedoclet sitefaqlet document, node
alphafaqlet sitefaqlet document, node
strangenode document document, node
review document review document, node
modulereview review review, document, node
bookreview review review, document, node
perlnews document document, node
testtype document document, node
wiki document wiki document, node
includefile document document, node
devtask document devtask document, node
scratchpad document scratchpad document, node
pmdevtopic document document, node
sqlquery document htmlcode, setting document, node
offtopicroot document document, node
htmlcode node htmlcode node
opcode htmlcode htmlcode, node
patch htmlcode patch htmlcode, node
accessrule htmlcode htmlcode, node
htmlpage node htmlpage node
image node image node
sourcecodesection nodegroup node
QandASection nodegroup node
sectioncontainer nodegroup document node
doclist nodegroup document, setting node
faqlist doclist document, setting, node
tutlist doclist document, setting, node
catqalist doclist document, setting, node
nodelet node nodelet node
rating node node, rating node
user node user, setting, document node
zombie_user user user, setting, document, node
perlman node node, document node
string node node, string node
docstring string node, string, node
faqstring docstring node, string, node
tutstring docstring node, string, node
catqastring docstring node, string, node
data node node, document node
perlfunc node node, perlfunc node
perlcraft node node, document node
linktype node string node
perlfaq nodetype node node, document node
dbtable node node
file node node node
maintenance node htmlcode, maintenance node
setting node setting node
themesetting setting themesetting setting, node
restricted setting setting setting, node
bug node bug node
poll node node, polls node
snippet node node, snippet node
reaped_snippet snippet node, snippet, node
pmmodule node node node
rawdata node node, rawdata node
testpoll node node, testpolls node
largedoc node largedoc node

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