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My question is entirely political in nature.

I recently posted a package to the CPAN, which was met with very harsh reviews due mainly to its use of source filters. Although I feel I've addressed the issues raised by reviewers, the negative feedback remains. If I were looking for something on CPAN, I'd probably skip over my own package because of its low rating. I'd give it at least a 3, but I'm clearly biased.

I'm wondering how others have dealt with similar situations? cpanratings allows you to post a comment as an author, and I did so, stating I had made several changes. One person was kind enough to retract their review, but I don't think the other person is going to do the same.

Should I try to publicize my project a bit and try to get more reviews? I don't think there will be many more reviews incoming, since people are probably passing over it now. I would contact the reviewer but I don't see that he's an author of any modules, and I don't know how to get a hold of him.

Not mentioning the project by name, but if you're interested, I'm posting this as my CPAN authors name-- look for the project with a 1-star rating. Always looking for feedback.