I have found some nodes on the subject of creating CPAN packages, using the h2xs program, but none of them really got into the specific details of the matter. Now I know that there are several monks out there, who have contributed to CPAN, and therefore, are probably familiar with the process of using h2xs. I personally would like to see a tutorial cover the basics and maybe describe how they went throught the process of using the files that are created by the h2xs program.

In the end, there can be only one!

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UPDATE: Taking merlyn's advice, I went through both perlmod and perlmodlib, plus I re-read this node by jeffa which answered another question I had. As soon as I can formulate the appropriate questions, I will update this node again.

UPDATE 2Thanks to $code or die for the link to perlnewmod (it answered my few remaining questions), and for the idea of getting Damian's book. I will probably pick it up this weekend.