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Re^2: memory usage of modules

by almut (Canon)
on Nov 23, 2009 at 19:16 UTC ( #808903=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: memory usage of modules
in thread memory usage of modules

I don't know if there is a general usage memory monitor

GTop, a binding to libgtop, is kind of the library version of the ps and top commands... (GTop::ProcMem and GTop::Mem for checking memory usage).

Advantage: less overhead than calling an external executable and parsing its output (though only relevant when being called many many times).

Disadvantage: not a core module.

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Re^3: memory usage of modules
by shmem (Chancellor) on Nov 23, 2009 at 20:08 UTC

    Ah well ;-) GTop... this Module also has the advantage that you can query any kind of size, and you get it in bytes. Voilà:

    package MemImpact::GTop; use strict; use GTop; my @meths = qw(size vsize rss share); my $before = GTop->new->proc_mem($$); my $after = my $now = $before; printf "%-60s % 10d Bytes\n", "$_ initial memory:" , $before->$_ for @meths; print "-" x 77, $/; sub import { my $pack = shift; my $meth = shift; for (@_) { eval "use $_;"; die "Can't load $_:\n$@\n" if $@; $after = GTop->new->proc_mem($$); printf "%-60s % 10d Bytes\n", "$meth after loading $_:" , $aft +er->$meth; printf "%-60s % 10d Bytes\n", "$meth impact of $_:" , $after-> +$meth - $now->$meth; $now = $after; } } END { print "-" x 77, $/; printf "%-60s % 10d Bytes\n", "$_ total impact:" , $after->$_ - $b +efore->$_ for @meths; } 1;
    qwurx [shmem] ~ > perl -e 'use MemImpact::GTop qw(rss Moose); use MemI +mpact::GTop qw(rss MooseX::AttributeHelpers)' size initial memory: 934707 +2 Bytes vsize initial memory: 934707 +2 Bytes rss initial memory: 346112 +0 Bytes share initial memory: 250265 +6 Bytes ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +------- rss after loading Moose: 897433 +6 Bytes rss impact of Moose: 551321 +6 Bytes rss after loading MooseX::AttributeHelpers: 1043660 +8 Bytes rss impact of MooseX::AttributeHelpers: 146227 +2 Bytes ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +------- size total impact: 711065 +6 Bytes vsize total impact: 711065 +6 Bytes rss total impact: 697548 +8 Bytes share total impact: 35225 +6 Bytes

      ++! thanks guys, I'll have a look into these (how did this end up as my question!?). I often find a need for checking that i am not about to crash my computer (lots of data, rubbish computer - go figure!).

      Just a something something...

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