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Line Noise

by kilinrax (Deacon)
on May 23, 2001 at 21:20 UTC ( #82635=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; $\=$/;$_=q&&;s()/#?=>$":}\~>\\!;/;$/=~s~ ~s{;};$")!{$"\\:<_!;~e;y{%*-.$'&(#-<}$@-~$s;{y(;-?)= r-{)!=s;y$T-_$`-|$;y}{-~}l-\}};s{!}$Y<$g&&redo}print

Edit: chipmunk 2001-05-23

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Re: Line Noise (deobfuscation attempt)
by ChemBoy (Priest) on May 24, 2001 at 04:02 UTC

    This is really, really, cool. I'm going to desecrate it by deobfuscating it merely because it gave me a deeper appreciation of how cool it is (and because I feel somewhat clever for being able to).

    First, let's make it a little more readable...

Re: Line Noise
by tachyon (Chancellor) on May 24, 2001 at 06:55 UTC
    # line noise by kilinrax # # another read and run dissection by tachyon # # I needed to rearrange the line breaks and add # a space between the = and r on at the begining # of the third line to make this run as shown below use strict; $\=$/;$_=q&&;s()/#?=>$":}\~>\\!;/;$/=~ s~~s{;};$")!{$"\\:<_!;~e;y{%*-.$'&(#-<}$@-~$s;{y(;-?) = r-{)!=s;y$T-_$`-|$;y}{-~}l-\}};s{!}$Y<$g&&redo}print; # this is an awesome obfu, here is a quick dissect # first the exact original code with some whitespace use strict; $\=$/; $_=q&&; s()/#?=>$":}\~>\\!;/; $/ =~ s~~s{;};$")!{$"\\:<_!;~e; y{%*-.$'&(#-<}$@-~$s; { y(;-?)= r-{)!=s; y$T-_$`-|$; y}{-~}l-\}}; s{!}$Y<$g && redo } print; # make it a bit more readable by using # the usual / for our s and tr (y); also the # bareblock rearranged, and now executes only once # as s/!/Y</g is only true once and we can do it # before all the transliteration use strict; $\="\n"; # set output rec sep to newline, neat trick! $_=''; s//#?=>$":}\~>\\!;/; $/ =~ s//s{;};$")!{$"\\:<_!;/e; tr/%*-.$'&(#-</@-~/s; while (s/!/Y</g){ tr/;-?/ r-{)!/s; tr/T-_/`-|/; tr/{-~/l-\}/; } print; # here it is with the $/ =~ s///e simplified as we only # want the effect of the code evaled in the second part # the unecessary while block has been removed # the unecessary /s modifiers on the trs are gone # as there are no duplicate chars to squash # and some print statements show the secrets use strict; $\="\n"; $_=''; s//#?=>$":}\~>\\!;/; print "1: $_"; s/;/$")!{$"\\:<_!/; print "2: $_"; tr/%*-.$'&(#-</@-~/; print "3: $_"; s/!/Y</g; print "4: $_"; tr/;-?/ r-{)!/; print "5: $_"; tr/T-_/`-|/; print "6: $_"; tr/{-~/l-\}/; print "7: $_"; print; # You can see what happens, the reason the changes # occur are that the - within the tr (y) has a special # meaning - it specifies a range of chars to # transliterate. Although A-Z is common *-. is OK # too, and certainly less readable! # # This is an really unreadable obfu, even in this state # Top effort!!! # # tachyon
Re: Line Noise
by larryk (Friar) on May 24, 2001 at 00:21 UTC
    I get the following as output
    Jtrs anoshe b
      Try it now; there was an unwanted space character at the end of each line, which interfered with the operation of the code.
        ++ now

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