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Alex the Serb

by Alex the Serb (Monk)
on May 27, 2001 at 17:58 UTC ( [id://83601]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

A true story below !!!

Americans are great. I like Americans. Like Coca-Cola a lot, Mac Dognuts, too. Yesterday I eat all that and suddenly I feel great.


Today I went to a doctor .. psychiatrist. We talked a lot .. well .. nearly 3 hours. We talked about everything. Finally, she told me "Your case is very interessting, don't worry everything will be fine, however what I'm about to tell you will probably be a shock for you, because you're not aware of it."

I couldn't wait so I told her: "Just tell me!".

And she did tell me: "Well, you are what we call a compulsive liar .. don't worry its not serious as it sounds!".


NodeReaper must be very fat, because he keeps swallowing a lot!


I went to psychiatrist again and I told her about NodeReaper and how he keeps swallowing me. She asked me to describe him and I described him not just how he looks like, physicaly, but what are his comments after the actual swallowing.

What was strange to me is the fact that she remained calm while I was very upset! Then she gave me some pills and told me that my nightmares will disappear very soon. I was puzzled .. I mean, I'm not sure, but may be she missunderstood me or something, but on the other hand she is a psychiatrist, right?! And psychic people know the best!

Today I'm gonna try pills.


Olecram is some guy Marcelo from Italy and he told me: "I meant that Bushido, which you maybe have heard before as a word, is the somewhat famous FINNISH sisu equivalent".
I don't understand a thing from what he said, I'll have to go to a psychiatrist tomorrow again!


NodeReaper hates me, and that is the truth! I can prove it! When he/it swallows me I spend 60000 600000 (woo!!!) seconds in its belly. Well, that is almost two weeks! While everyone else spend max 5 minutes. Either I'm extremely hard to digest or he/it really wants to do the job thoroughly in my case, I'm not sure.


Yesterday I talked to my psychiatrist. Everything went fine at the beginning, because she told me to speak about whatever I want. So, my choice was Perl, of course! I was telling how great Perl is and how I'm able to do things with ease. I told her about everything that I did in Perl. The problem started when she did cut off my speach with: "You know what, I'll be honest, your condition has deteriorated a lot, the pills don't work, so here is what we gonna do now, we will .. oups sorry, you gonna try some new pills, they are highly experimental, but I'm sure that they'll work". All I did was sitting with my mouth opened, puzzled as usual ..


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